Birthing Women SET

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A beautiful visualisation tool for your birth space or as a thoughtful gift for birth workers and blessingways.


This set includes our 3 most popular sculptures (pictured above). Featuring the three pivotal stages of welcoming a new baby; Pregnancy, Birth and the Immediate Postpartum.

One shows a woman peacefully cradling her expecting belly and waiting in a place of in-between. She draws focus on the mental preparation required for an empowering birth experience, patiently holding trust and allowing the process to unfold when and as needed.

Another showing a woman freely birthing her own baby, highlighting the euphoric and overwhelming moment of touching your baby’s head as they descend down, guiding them as they transition from womb to world.

And lastly, an empowered woman who has just journeyed her baby earthside, highlighting the euphoric and overwhelming moment of embracing your baby for the first time. Set in the immediate postpartum, this oxytocin filled piece features a fresh newborn nestled skin to skin against the mothers chest with the umbilical cord still intact and draping over the mothers stretched postpartum belly.

You will find beautiful imperfections and impressionist marks on these rustic inspired pieces, all which help tell their unique story. Featuring earthy tones and resembling warn stone; similar in look, weight and feel, these sculpture's are an exact replica of Alanah's original artwork. Individually crafted and hand painted during a timely process by the artist.

These sculptures are created with detailed body features and a faceless appearance to allow personal connections to form between the sculpture and it's holder. Each sits comfortably in the palm of your hand making them the perfect décor size to feature amongst candles, books, desk plants etc.

"It is my hope that this set can hold center in your birth space and aid as a visualisation tool in the lead up to your birth, sending gentle reminders of encouragement, wisdom and empowerment as you journey your baby earthside and beyond." - Alanah x