Custom Moon Birth Sculpture

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Each custom piece is beautifully hand sculpted in clay by Australian artist, Alanah. She will intuitively craft from your favourite birth photograph, a quiet memory or an empowering vision; sculpting it to life with love and intent, working exclusively with you to create an invaluable work of art that will last generations.

Every detail from the position of your baby, their tiny fingers, back rolls and umbilical cord, to every members warm and loving gestures; Alanah will work passionately with you to create a touching work of art that beautifully tells your story.


Alanah’s custom pieces start from $450AUD and are available to worldwide customers. Alanah reliably ships her sculptures to over 60 countries, collaborating regularly with clients from all over the world. If you are unsure on delivery to your location, please contact
Please see price guide below. Full payment is required to proceed with your custom order. Afterpay available

Each custom piece requires 6-8 weeks to be intricately handcrafted by the artist. This allows Alanah to connect deeply with your vision and commit fully to perfecting the final work before handover, ensuring both she and her client are ecstatically pleased. Due to the nature of this service, intakes for custom orders are strictly limited and time dependent. Registering above will give you first opportunity to secure Alanah’s next available opening.


Alanah honours every season surrounding pre-conception, birth, motherhood to post menopausal years, celebrating the sacredness of each person and the journey they wish to honour through her art.


Firstly, Alanah will discuss with you the best way to bring your sculpture to life, ensuring every detail is exactly as you envision it to be. Once you are happy to proceed, Alanah will begin sculpting your special artwork.

As the sculpture takes shape, Alanah will take photographs of its progress and email them to you. This is where she will revise over the direction of the piece with you and allow any desired adjustments. 

The second and final revision commences as Alanah approaches the finer details of the sculpture, from stretch marks to hairstyles.

Once you are happy with your sculptures progress, Alanah will continue to finalise the piece. The sculpture will then be securely packaged and safely shipped to you.

Alanah will work entirely from your visions, providing passionate guidance every step of the way to ensure you receive an invaluable, heartfelt sculpture that beautifully displays your unique journey. 

Registering below will give you first opportunity to secure Alanah’s next available opening for a CUSTOM Moon Birth Sculpture.

As you approach next-in-line, Alanah will personally contact you to start your custom order process. If there is no response or confirmation to proceed within 48-72 hours, Alanah will move to the next member in the queue and you will need to re-register for a new spot. Simply join the waitlist below to avoid missing out on your own custom piece:


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 *Joining this waitlist is for complete custom orders only, not for altering Alanah’s existing sculptures currently available for sale on her website. However you can most certainly use them as inspiration in designing your own sculpture!

*Please ensure you have prior permission from your professional photographer to recreate from any photographs.

*All collaborations for custom orders are professionally corresponded via Alanah’s official email ( to accomodate language barriers and keep record of conversation/customer requests.

*Moon Birth Sculptures reserves the right to update, change or replace any part of these terms, pricing or process by posting updates and changes to this website. It is your responsibility to check this website periodically for updates/changes.