The Birth Space Project

The Birth space project is a series of tangible artworks that aim to draw focus on the benefits of woman-centered care and women in empowering birth. eg. How a woman birthing on her terms and in a place of comfort can result in an empowering and transformative birth experience. In hopes that my scuptures in the birth space will provide x, y, z... Honouring the birth space and the power that it holds.










Moon Birth Sculptures was created during the preparation for the arrival of my 5th homeborn, Lolah Beth. I was in search of a powerful focal point to hold centre in my birth space that could intuitively inspire and empower me during my quieter moments, whilst also wanting to gift my midwives a sacred piece for the dedicated continuity of care they had given my husband and I over the last decade as our family grew.


Heavily pregnant and unable to find a fitting piece, I decided to experiment with a new art medium and see where my vision lead me. Usually turning to photography, writing or sketching as a creative release, I decided to delve my hands in to some luscious, healing clay to clear and prepare my mind for Lolah’s birthing, and I have been creating with it ever since.


Each of my artworks are lovingly inspired by powerful women and their stories, along with the warm birthing memories of experiencing five transformative and empowering homebirths myself.



One of my absolute passions is honouring the birthing environment with anchors of support that line up with the wellbeing and desires of the labouring woman. 


This is the platform in which my sculptures are inspired. I aim to artistically interpret the realistic, raw and emotionally intense moments that embrace women and their loved ones during birth. Most of my pieces reflect a safe birthing environment of choice where a woman feels supported to pursue an undisturbed physiological birth on her terms, often featuring women in states of empowerment and bliss. 




Whilst most of my artworks feature natural birth, I also enjoy creating artworks that reflect on moments of motherhood. Each piece is a labour of love and much like birth, is a process of trusting and letting go, allowing each sculpture to form in to it's own. I often create a faceless features in a way that allows personal connections to form between the sculpture and it's holder.

The name, 'Moon Birth Sculptures' was inspired by my three homebirths that instinctively unfolded as the night rolled in and embracing my babies beneath the full milky moon.


It is a hope that my art shines light on women in empowered birth and serves as a sacred temple to ground the birth space, sending gentle reminders of wisdom, empowerment and healing as needed. 


Love and good birth vibes, 


Read about Lolah Beth's empowering and undisturbed Breech Homebirth here.