Cesarean Birth Sculpture

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“The sacred scar of Life” 

This powerful and moving piece features a fresh postpartum mother, embracing her newborn skin to skin against her chest. Her soft, swollen belly gently telling her story with subtle stretch marks, a cesarean scar and tiny baby feet. She is a palpable reflection of courage, strength and immense love. 

You will find beautiful imperfections and impressionist marks on this rustic inspired piece, all which help tell it's unique story. Featuring earthy tones and resembling warn stone; similar in look, weight and feel, this sculpture is an exact replica of Alanah's original artwork. Individually crafted and hand painted during a timely process by the artist. 

This sculpture is created with detailed body features and a faceless appearance to allow personal connections to form between the sculpture and it's holder. She sits comfortably in the palm of your hand making her the perfect décor size to feature amongst candles, books, desk plants etc.

“This sculpture was created in honour and celebration of our sisters who bare the sacred scar of life. It is my hope that this piece aids as a beautiful reflection of the love and surrender required to bring new life in to this world.”  

Height: 13 centimetres
Width: 8 centimetres
Depth: 10 centimetres

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