Angel Birth Sculpture CUSTOMISABLE

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This heartfelt sculpture can be customised to suit your own family or purchased as pictured above. 

Add children and angels of varying ages, add a special engraving, alter hairstyles, adjust body type, gender, skin tone.

A lot of delicate time and intricate work is poured in to altering my sculptures to beautifully reflect your own family. When adding additional children to your sculpture, the artist will sculpt the figures to be in place with where she feels brings the most sentimental value to your sculpture. This could be by adjusting the father’s arm to wrap around a third or fourth child or adjusting the mother’s arm to hold another baby. Additional members will also be welcomed in to the family with warm and loving gestures.

The sculpture is large enough to sit in two hands with a heavy solid weight. 

The children’s ages can range from 0-13 years. Please choose from the offered hair styles below. Be sure to clearly list your children’s ages, gender and individual hairstyles in the checkout notes, including any special requests.

Alanah will then confirm your choices prior to starting your sculpture. You are most welcome to email Alanah a photo of you and your family for her to best replicate.


Please see TERMS & CONDITIONS regarding customisable sculptures.